Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia

Research and Education


Our goal is for you to possess an optimal quality of life. Revive Healthy's online ministry provides education in - healthy preventive solutions for your physical, spiritual, and environmental health. ~ Dana Horne, EdS Founder/Director

  • Your Own Body of Water.... Inside of You! We are water-beings, our bodies are actually made of 60-70% water
  • Healthy Eating: A healthy eating plan was designed for mankind from the foundation of the earth Gen 1:29-30 AKJV
  • Social Health Education: Resources for maintaining homes through environmental health and rental education for tenants and landlords. Educating citizens on ways to live healthier and safer through social health efforts, may greatly reduce, poverty, community blight and costly property maintenance repairs
  • Instead of GMO, GYO: Grow your own food (GYO)!