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In 2009 Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia began offering its free online nutritional education ministry to assist people with becoming free from the bondage of prescribed chemicals, preventable disease/surgeries and the deterioration of homes and communities.

The Revive Healthy message is made available to the world, churches and individuals of all faiths seeking supportive resources and consultation for disease prevention, social and environmental wellness education.

Our ministry offers:

  • A biblical message,
  • Online nutritional education,
  • Nutritional consultation seminars,
  • Research in preventative discoveries,
  • Solutions assisting the body toward healthy restoration,
  • Preventive nutritional education on hydration, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acid re-flux, etc.,
  • Information on healthy alkaline water,
  • Healthy foods - raw vegetables and fruits,
  • Support through online resources and visual biological cell analysis consultation,
  • Social health research in energy efficiency, and
  • Property maintenance and safety education for safer homes.

Based on biblical teaching, Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia promotes the scripture which states, "Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers" 3 John 2.

Today we live in times where even the very elect are deceived concerning health and unhealthy eating habits. Many have been led astray by lust of the flesh through food, drink, prescribed chemicals, and sedentary life styles. These lusts and deceptions in turn manifest with the reaping of physical and mental disease in the body. It is God's will for all to be in "good health and prosper" within our bodies and our home environments.

The unhealthy deception is evident, as many folks today have a strong dislike for health foods/vegetables and beverages/water (the good) and have a strong love for excess processed/sweet foods and excess sweet beverages (the bad). Isaiah 5:20 states, "Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!(KJV)." Please view our thought provoking resource videos and links on how unhealthy deceptions are thriving within our culture.

For many people the thought of taking responsibility toward a healthy life may be completely inconceivable. Moreover, the healthy message and messenger may be perceived as "snake oil doctrine" or be labeled a "health freak." Matthew 6:22-23 (ESV) mentions, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. Therefore, if the light within you has turned into darkness, how great is that darkness!"

It has been observed and documented, that, people at large are perishing, while living with disease and pain unnecessarily. Our Father God and Savior Jesus Christ asks all in Matthew 24:45- "Who, then, is the faithful and wise servant whom his master has put in charge of his household to give their food at the right time?" By being wise within households and the household of faith, the body of Christ should strive to continually prosper and be in good health.

It's time to "Revive Healthy" by regaining the healthy balance in our body's and homes, as God intended his creation to possess!

Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia

and Kangen Ionized Alkaline Water makes no claims to offer medical advice, treat or cure any health condition or disease. Consult a physician to inquire if your body may be able to maintain health more effectively once high levels of acidity and toxins are reduced.

Location: Lynchburg, VA 24501

Revive Healthy Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia

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phone- 540-395-3506

Founder/Director Bio

Revive Healthy

Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia

Director and Founder

Mrs. Dana L. Horne-Blade Ed.S., MS., CZA., ICC/AACE.,CNC 

Mrs. Horne-Blade is the Director and Founder of Revive Healthy

Nutritional and Social Health Ministry of Virginia.

The online ministry offers free resources to reduce preventable diseases and the continuum of poverty in families.

Along with preventing the continuance of generational poverty, disease and neighborhood blight within communities the ministry is a firm supporter of social health education, especially, in the areas of nutrition and housing dilemmas facing many communities.

Revive Healthy is dedicated to practical solutions and research and believes, all households can benefit from - safe homes, environmental health, property maintenance education, understanding rental/landlord issues, and home energy efficiency.

Founder/Director: Licensed with the State of Virginia as a Building Maintenance Inspector, International code Council as a Property Maintenance Official and Housing Inspector, and currently employed with the City of Lynchburg in the capacity of a Public Service Safety Professional. Her formal title with the city is : 

Property Maintenance Official- Rental / Code Compliance Inspector. Also, serves as the City’s sworn, Department of Criminal Justice Services - Building Codes Special Conservator of the Peace (S-COP) .

Practitioner Nutritional Consultant

1992 - / Twenty (20)+ years licensed with DPOR/Department of Professional Occupational Regulation as a Virginia Board Certified Cosmetologist. Thirty (30) + years of experience in the field. Practitioner for participants seeking microscopy cellular biological consultation for specific hair, scalp and skin disorders associated with health related deficiencies.

2007 / Bluefield College Graduate; Organizational Behavior Bachelor of Science (BS)

2010 / Liberty University Graduate; Business Management (MS)

2010 / Certified as a Live Cell Morphologist/Nutritional Blood Analysis Educator from, NBA Research Group LLC. Senior practitioner performing as: Biological terrain live blood cell microscopist, nutritional educator blogger and researcher.

2013 / Liberty University Graduate; Doctoral Program - Education Specialist (Ed.S)

2015 / Liberty University Graduate Candidate; Human Services Counseling Business (MA)

Social Health Safety Professional

1996-2009/ Capital Funds Assistant /Labor Compliance Officer/Public Housing Inspector.

2009-2012/ Property Maintenance /Zoning Inspector - Roanoke City

2009-/ Building Safety Professional Member of the International Code Council certified as ICC/AACE International Code Council/American Association of Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector

2009-/ Building Maintenance Inspector with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development -DHCD.

2012-/ Residential Rental Program Administrator/Code Compliance Inspector- City of Lynchburg

2012-/ Department of Criminal Justice Sworn Department of Criminal Justice Services Building Codes Special Conservator of the Peace (S-COP) - City of Lynchburg

2016 -/ Virginia Certified Zoning Administrator (CZA) - City of Lynchburg 

2018 -/ Property Maintenance Official-Rental - City of Lynchburg